Affiliate Network Application


Part 1 Company information

Company Name
Federal I.D. Number
Dot Number
Company Address
 State   Zip 
Billing address(if different)
 State   Zip  
Number Of Years in business
Type of Corporation
Please provide the name, phone number and email address for the following personnel
General Manager
Affiliate Manager
Operations Manager
Dispatch Manager
Reservations Manager
Billing Manager
Main Telephone No
Reservation No
Toll Free No
Reservation Email
Business Hours
Membership with Industry Organizations

Part 2 Insurance Coverage

Please provide an appropriate liability insurance forms naming Boston Chauffeur, as the additional Insured
Liability Insurance (please send certificate)
Name of Carrier
Policy Number
Types of Coverage (please check the type of coverage that applies)
Combined Single Limit Coverage Dollar Limits $
Per Person\Per Incident Coverage Dollar Limits $
Excess Liability
Workers’ Compensation Insurance (please send certificate)

Part 3 Reservation Information

1. Can reservations be booked through your web site? Yes No
What software do you use to book reservations?
2. Is your company affiliated with any network web
site reservation companies?If so, please list
3. Do you accept “Ready Now”, ASAP or live reservations? Yes No
4. If your company is not 24 hours, how are reservations booked after hours? (i.e. email, special telephone)
5. What is your billing policy?
6. Do you currently use Fleetbook?

Part 4 Chauffeur Information

1. Please indicate the percentage of your chauffeurs that are:
Employees % Independent Contractors %
2. Please describe the standard dress code for your chauffeurs (i.e. suit and tie)
3. Are your chauffeur’s drug tested?
if so, how often?
4. Average chauffeur tenure with the company?
5. Do you do a background check and driving history on all of your chauffeurs?

Part 5 Chauffeur Communication

1.How do you communicate with the chauffeurs?

Part 6 Services and Procedures

1. Please list the local areas that your company primarily services:
2. Do you provide National or International service? Yes No
3. How far in advance is a reservation dispatched?
(30-45 min) (1hr) (2-3hrs) (6-10hrs) (24hrs+)
4. Describe your meet and greet procedures for airport pick-ups
5. Describe how you monitor the following:
Airport Flights/Delays/Cancelations
Do you check flights through the internet? Yes No
If your company is not 24 hours, how can your company be reached in the event that there is a problem after hours?
6. What is your Holiday Surcharge? Which holidays does this apply on?

Part 7 Accident Procedures

1. What items do you keep in the vehicle in the event of a breakdown and/or accident? Please list:

Part 8 Vehicle information

1. Do you own all of the vehicles in your fleet?
2. How often do you change the body style of your fleet?
3. Are all of your vehicles 100% non-smoking?
4. What steps are taken to ensure vehicle cleanliness as well outside detailing?
5. Do you outsource your vehicles maintenance of have an in house mechanic?
6. Do you have a fuel surcharge on all vehicles? If so, what is it?

Part 9 Rates

1. No Shows
2. Cancellations
3. Waiting Time
4. Tolls
5. Airport Fees and Parking
6. Baggage\Customs Pick-up
7. Airport Greeter
8. Fleet information (vehicles, make, model, year, color)